Hey Nerd, Why Custom Website design?

Have you been procrastinating in bringing your business to the new age? Alternatively, even have attempted to design your website to get little or no results? Maybe you have hired a talented friend to create your site, while aesthetically pleasing you do not see results. While there are excellent website designers, content writers, and services out there to help build a website. It is rare to find a place where you can have it all done together, customized for your business. Other designers provide you with a selection of pre-made designs. While this cuts down cost, your website will look like “all the others.”  ThatNerd creates a custom website design specifically for each company. Your site will display your company’s characteristics which will lead to more clients who trust in your business. There are many factors under the hood that keeps your web site ability to rank in searches high.

elegant custom Website Design

ThatNerd Turns your Ideas into the Ideal custom website

In your pursuit of resources that would produce results and deliver new customers. You may have read some books, watched videos, or even taken some classes, but it does not “click.”  It is possible you have even hired website services to promote your website and increase “traffic.” None of these have delivered you, new customers. Now you are at your wit’s end attempting to decipher the steps needed to get discovered. You have come to a crossroad, find a knowledgeable nerd who is capable of handling your website or take the advice of someone who is more experienced.  Either way, ThatNerd will deliver a powerfully elegant that will set you apart. Most importantly ThatNerd is here to provide support for your business and growing online presence.

Are you ready to get started with your custom website design?

ThatNerd is passionate about custom designing websites. There is no greater feeling than a well-received piece of work. With your input, I create your custom website design from scratch, handmade for your business.

All Custom websites designs include

  • A Nerd in your corner who will work with you to create your site through the entire process.
  • Modernized, Responsive Design Website, every site is viewable on Both Desktop and Mobile devices
  • Professional pictures, resizing to appropriate sizes and editing them as needed for development
  • An Email Opt-in list, this is ideal for tracking and building leads. (Optional)
  • Social Media Integration this help with SEO, it also lets customers find your business social profile quickly
  • Google Analytics Integration this helps you track visitors on your website to understand how people navigate it
  • One year of free hosting/Hosting Set-up, you may choose to host with ThatNerd or your hosting service.
  • Domain Name Registration help, the cornerstone of your business. It is what customers will type in their browser to visit you.

Keep your expenses low

Some webmasters take full control of your website. Leaving you sometimes feeling at their mercy when designing your site. Giving you a selection of pre-made templates,wWhile they may look attract some customers. Templates are not useful in converting customers and bringing you business. I work with you to design a website that is custom to your business and makes you money!

Most business owners are not marketing masters or internet gurus. It is very tempting to pay for a low cost build it yourself website. While at first it sounds great and looks beautiful. However, all that hard work means absolutely nothing if customers cannot locate you. It is even worse if you pay for services that cause Google or other search engines to penalize your website.

Creating elegant and efficient websites is like choosing between a homemade dinner or eating at the fast food restaurant. Fast food is just that, it is quick cheap and it gets the job done, but the quality is always lack. However, a homemade dinner like a Custom website, it takes more preparation, but in the end, you know the difference in quality is superior. ThatNerd’s professional web design service provides you with a nerd in your corner.  With a nerd at your side, you gain access to a professional website designer and a Local Search engine optimization expert. It does not matter if you have an existing website or redesigning a website.

Have control of your website

Platform: ThatNerd designs your site using WordPress, it is simple to understand and helps to keeps costs low. It allows for a variety of customizations. Using the website design theme Divi, it is a versatile tool when creating websites. ThatNerd Works with you to develop a site that reflects your business.

Design: Text size, Font color, each of these play a role in your website aesthetics and navigation. ThatNerd recommends and suggests formatting options to you.

Photos: Choosing photos can be difficult, especially if you do not have any. ThatNerd provides access to professional photos for your website. Also, ThatNerd handles all the resizing and the editing of photos to fit your site.

Blogging Service: This very power marking service that gives your website more relevance. It let you connect with your customers on various topics and gives customers more reason to visit.

Check out some of the websites I have completed

ThatNerd Custom Web design – Let’s get started!


A website is your personal platform to communicate and connect with your customers.

There was a time when you were able to list your business in a phone book or a business directory. Then you would see clients trickle in.  As time has gone on you, have even gotten referral business, because a customer recommends your service. More people are using Google to find local businesses. Customers will return to a website multiple times before committing to purchasing your service. Because of this, you need a website that will powerfully communicate the quality of your service or product. ThatNerd is here to help you with that.

*Note all of our complete websites range between $1200 to $3000, The initial payment is 650$ which serves as a retainer fee and covers the first 10 hours of work. The remaining is divided into 3rd’s and billed monthly. Full payment is due upon transferring to owners hosting.

(Refund Policy: Once the service has been performed, no refunds will be provided)