You have a great product and deliver an excellent service. Why is no one calling?

Don’t neglect the concept of hiring a professional for your website design. Whether you provide a professional service or sell goods through your e-commerce website, you understand your potential client and their needs.However, even armed with this, you still have no idea how to get your website in front of customers. How can you sell to them if they cannot find you or your website? Website design from a professional can get your website in front of potential customers.

Many small businesses and entrepreneurs have trouble leveraging their web page to generate leads and clients. At first, ThatNerd also thought web designing was simple; If you created a beautiful website, customers would magically appear before you ready to purchase services and products.He quickly discovered that simply was not the case. ThatNerd learned there are many more elements to getting your website found in search results than looking good. As time when on ThatNerd was able to leverage his technical education with his natural desire to learn. It allowed that him to develop and learn how to effectively market his website and get discovered! As a result, my company began filling with website design and website maintenance orders. Now ThatNerd offers his ability and experience to businesses and gets them found on the internet.


The last thing you want to do as a small business owner is to wear another hat and take on another role in your company. For instance, would you want to figure out how to fix your automotive problems? Alternatively, would it be time efficient to hire a mechanic to save time and energy allowing you to focus on your business needs?
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Don’t let technology confuse and hold you back

Are you serious about creating an online presence for your business, but are overwhelmed with the technical details? Do you already have a website and you want to attract more customers to your website through natural searches? Are you curious if in fact, customers are discovering your blogging, or how many people visit your site? Do you feel overwhelmed by the pace in which technology changes and you are forced to wear many hats to keep up? Do you wish you had someone in your corner who was capable of keeping your website up to date and stay ahead of the curve? Now you do, ThatNerd.

Custom Website Design

Your first impression may be, your last impression. A business website should be elegant and communicate your business goals and values, so customers have confidence when doing business with you. ThatNerd takes the time to understand you and, your business, so we create a website that effectively communicates the core values of your business. Find out more

Website Maintenance Support

Typically a website is never a complete work, as your business grows so does your website to include those changes. ThatNerd is in the business of helping your business and will be here to help. Find out more

Local S.E.O Services

There are constant updates to how we use search engines and how they deliver results. More customers are turning to the internet to find local businesses. Local Search Engine Optimization allows you to market to customers in your local area that are seeking your services.

Add'l Web services

ThatNerd is in the business of getting you business. If you need help with your website, but you do not know the jargon? Did you find a feature you want on your website but need help? Do you need new graphics or a website logo?

Website design without a headache

Work with someone who understands.

There are many website designers, and webmasters on the internet, What sets ThatNerd apart from the competition is his dedication to continuing education, continues improvement, and the desire to help other business owners get discovered on the internet. Sense 2015, ThatNerd has been creating websites and devising online marketing plans to help my clients utilize the marketing power of their websites.

Contrary to what many people believe, a website is never complete. Websites must have continual maintenance to keep them current and relevant to their industry. Technology is continually improving, and for sites to remain pertinent and fruitful, they must continue to change with these trends. When hiring a professional website designer, you benefit from their webmaster services and experience to keep your site up to date and fresh.